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‘Baywatch’ Donna D’Errico Hits Back At A Critic Hating on Her Holiday Thirst Traps

‘Baywatch’ Babe Donna D’Errico couldn’t let go after a critic criticized her thirsty outfit snap on Instagram. Well, she had to hit back at the critic for criticizing her outfit.

Page Six got more;

Donna D’Errico, 54, gave one Instagram troll a piece of her mind on Monday, after a photo of the star posing in a sexy Santa suit inspired them to comment, “Thirsty much?”

Replied D’Errico, “This is a photo of me completely covered from head to toe in a Santa costume…And you want to come on here and call me thirsty? Because…what? Because my Santa costume is fitted?”

Continued the OnlyFans creator, who shared her retort on her Instagram Stories: “Because I took a photo of myself from a flattering angle so I look my best, just like every other normal person does, including, I’m quite sure, you?”

D’Errico concluded by asserting, “If I want to take a photo of myself standing here nude and post it with strategically placed frosty the f–ing snowman emojis and quote Nightmare Before Christmas, hold on to your hat, because I can and I sure as s–t will.”

The brunette beauty’s been busy clapping back at haters this week, as she also shared her response to a critic of the red bow-tied lingerie look she posted last month.

“You really spend 2 much time on what you think you look like,” the follower commented on the sizzling snap.

“Now Ken, while I’m flattered that you have made a deep dive into my personal life to make a detailed account of precisely how I spend my time, you’ve unfortunately made one very critical error: you’re basing your conclusion that I ‘really spend 2 much time on what I think I look like’ entirely on my IG posts,” D’Errico replied.

“Let me let you in on a little secret: Instagram isn’t real life,” the “Baywatch Nights” star continued. “I know! Hard to believe, but there it is!”

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