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Boosie Claims That Dwyane Wade Likes Men and Gabrielle Union is His Beard

Boosie isn’t letting things slide as he has slammed Gabrielle Union and her husband Dwyane Wade over how they are going about trying everything possible to change the gender of their child Zaya Wade.

Boosie while slamming Gabrielle Union claimed Dwyane Wade is gay!

According to MTO News;

Gabrielle Union slammed Boosie Badazz in an interview on Jamele Hill’s podcast, after he criticized the way Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle are raising their trans daughter, Zaya. And now Boosie is responding with some pretty CRAZY talk.

It all started when Gabrielle sarcastically apologized to Badazz since her family has been doing “good” lately.

The “Bring It On” star went on to imply that the hip-hop star was in the closet, saying, “He’s so preoccupied. It’s almost like, ‘Thou doth protest too much, little Booz.

“You got a lot of d–k on your mind,” Union, 50, continued at the time. “Let’s throw that out there.”

When Hill, 46, replied, “It’s like Zaya and Lil Nas X live in his head,” Union agreed.

Boosie is now responding, asking Gabrielle to “leave [him] alone” in a lengthy Twitter rant over the weekend as the actress’ throwback interview went viral.

“How dare you challenge a ghetto heros manhood,” the 40-year-old tweeted Sunday. “U wrong SMH I don’t have time for this, Im tryin to have peace n my life n stay alive.”

Boosie went on to allege that Union’s husband, Dwyane Wade, “love[s] d–k,” adding, “Hope you don’t think black couples look at yall like a power couple they don’t!! … Go bang him with that dildo and wait on a script u lil white girl.”

This isn’t the first time that Wade has been accused of going both ways and Union has admitted she tried to act white to get better roles in Hollywood.

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