Herschel Walker Call His Son Christian Dumb As A Brick, Ugly With A Long Head and Said He Looked Like An Alien From X-Files – BlackSportsOnline
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Herschel Walker Call His Son Christian Dumb As A Brick, Ugly With A Long Head and Said He Looked Like An Alien From X-Files

Herschel Walker could very well be headed to Washington DC via winning the Georgia Senate runoff race that will be happening soon.

It’s incredible that he even has a chance to win because it seems like every time he makes a speech, he embarrasses himself, but lots of people don’t care, jThey don’t care that his family doesn’t like him.

His son Christian, who is very conservative, has been very open about how he and his mom don’t like Herschel and how he was a deadbeat.

A violent video of Herschel dogging his son has resurfaced, which isn’t perfect.

In the video, Herschel recalls Christian’s birth and says he is dumb as a brick, ugly, and has a long head. He even called him an alien from x-files and asked his then-wife if her parents had some awful genes.

Not the best way to talk about your son, but it won’t matter to his base.

Christian has decided not to engage with his father anymore.

In a Twitter video posted this morning, Christian Walker, son of legendary football player turned politician Herschel Walker, accused his father of committing “atrocities against my mom.” Christian Walker, the conservative TikTok star, attacked his father’s “family values” image saying he has “four kids with four different women” but wasn’t around to raise any of them and instead was “having sex with other women”.

Walker also accused his father of lying about the Daily Beast’s abortion story.

Herschel Walker refuted the report in a statement on Twitter, calling it a “hatchet job from a democrat activist.”


According to the Daily Beast report, Walker conceived a child with a woman in 2009, while they were dating. He then allegedly paid for her to get an abortion in 2009 after telling her it was “not the right time” for him to have a child. Walker then gave a $700 check to the woman to cover the costs of the procedure, a transaction the Daily Beast claims it has documented.

The woman also reportedly produced a $575 receipt from the abortion clinic that performed the procedure and a “get well” card from Walker. The extra $125 she received from Walker helped cover the “ballparked” cost of travel and recovery, the report added.

Herschel Walker should consider stepping away from politics, it appears as if he has way too many skeletons in his closet.

Flip the page to see the video.

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