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Larsa Pippen on How Much Money She Makes Selling Feet Pics While Dating Marcus Jordan

Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa Pippen discussed her romantic relationship with her toyboy Marcus Jordan and also her OnlyFans account. Larsa is so much into Marcus despite cheating on her in broad daylight, and I guess something is making her stick to the young man.

According to TPS;

Larsa Pippen has come under fire for dating the son of her ex-husband’s former teammate Marcus Jordan in recent times but, in a recent interview, claimed they are just friends.

Larsa had been single for some time before she started getting spotted with Marcus, who is the son of NBA legend Michael Jordan. Michael and Scottie Pippen were always thought to be close but their relationship has cracked in the wake of the release of The Last Dance in 2020.

Pippen responded to the documentary with a tell-all book of his own in which he makes it seem like he and MJ were never actually friends.

Whatever the case may be, Larsa and Marcus have faced lots of criticism for their relationship, which the former describes as only casual, adding she’s just able to date right now as her kids are more manageable.

“We are friends,” she was quoted as saying. “We’ve been friends for the last couple of years and I’m in a place right now where I’m finally open to dating.”

“Every time I’m seen out with someone, [people] make it out to be more than it actually is, and it’s normally nothing. So, yeah, I’m just dating right now and focusing on my businesses, my family, and having fun.

“People want to label your relationship when they don’t know what it is. But I don’t really care what other people think.”

Larsa also spoke about her OnlyFans account, noting she enjoys interacting with fans through said platform, though she isn’t posting as often due to her dad asking her to get off.

“My dad doesn’t even know what OnlyFans is. He just heard about it from someone, and he didn’t like it,” she explained. “It’s deterred me from going on the app as much as I normally would have. But I love OnlyFans.”

“My foot pics are killing it, I post a lot of photos of my feet on OnlyFans and people seem to love my feet.”

This is embarrassing on so many levels.

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