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Watch Kansas HS Students Yell Racist Slurs Including The N-Word and Taunt Black HS Basketball Team

There is absolutely no shortage of racism from all ages in America, and anyone that disagrees just doesn’t care.

One recent example comes from a Kansas high school.  At a recent basketball game, players from Topeka high school said they were subject to being called up the n-word by Valley Center high school students. Along with being called the n-word, players say the students were waving around a black doll figurine to try and taunt them.

Topeka’s head coach says the refs didn’t do anything to stop it despite being told about the doll and racial slurs.

Both schools are now investigating and say.

Two Kansas high schools say they’ve launched an investigation after several students at a recent basketball game allegedly yelled the n-word — while waving around a Black doll.

The incident went down Saturday — when the Topeka H.S. boys basketball team took on Valley Center H.S. in Valley Center, KS.

During the contest, according to Topeka players, several VC students hurled racial slurs and offensive language at them. They also say some of the spectators taunted them with a Black baby figurine.

One video shot by a Topeka student shows the doll being held up by some fans in the stands as the action was unfolding on the court. Another clip appears to show students calling one of the players a “p***y.”

“As both districts work in a unified manner to investigate matters related to the athletic events on Saturday, we as superintendents are both committed to ensuring a safe and respectful climate at school events,” the statement read.

“Incidents that occurred when individuals did not conduct themselves in ways that reflect our commitment to supporting students have been handled, and there are investigations that are ongoing. We will work together to ensure the appropriate individuals are held accountable and work together to prevent such incidents in the future.”

Nice to say but there needs to be action.

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