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Watch Kevin Durant Call Charles Barkley a “Clown” After Barkley Calls Him “Insecure”

Kevin Durant isn’t one of the NBA players who let things go. Once you hit him hard, he will hit you harder in the face. Kevin Durant has referred to Charles Barkley as a “Clown” after Charles called him “Insecure” via Vlad;

Recently, Charles Barkley spoke to Taylor Rooks for Bleacher Report and made some now-viral comments about Kevin Durant. Charles Barkley went on to say, “I actually like Kevin. I think that he’s a great player, I think he’s actually a good dude. I think he’s insecure at times. He gets mad when the old guys like myself say, you gotta win a championship away from the Golden State Warriors. And I know he got offended by that, but that’s not my job to worry about people’s feelings.”

Rooks pushed back on Barkley calling Durant “insecure,” asking Barkley what evidence he had for making the assessment. 

“Everybody’s opinion doesn’t matter. It does not,” he continued. “You don’t need burner phones. You’re Kevin Durant. You can say whatever the hell you want to. But you don’t have to react to every single thing. That’s where I think some of his insecurities come in.”

“The reason I say he’s insecure … Taylor, there’s levels to this,” Barkley said. “You don’t have to react to every fool.” 

Now, Durant has responded to Barkley’s comments.

Via Twitter, Durant retweeted the footage of Barkley calling him insecure and added: “This clown does not have g14 classification to speak on the god, we’ve never had a real human interaction… carry on haaa.”

Durant has carried Brooklyn at the start of the 2022 NBA season, averaging 29.8 points per game on 55.4% shooting from the field. 

They are probably both right. Barkley does a lot of clownish things and KD is very sensitive at times to critiques that he should likely just ignore.

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