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Watch TJ Holmes Say Amy Robach’s Husband Andrew Shue Was His Favorite Person in The World While Having Affair With His Wife

A clip of serial cheater TJ Holmes introducing kissing lovebirds Amy Robach and her husband Andrew Shue on the GMA3 segment a year ago has resurfaced following the cheating scandal.

Could it be that TJ Holmes was having relations with Amy even before the introduction? The Daily Mail got the details;

What a difference a year makes.

Smiling into the camera, T.J. Holmes introduced what he described as ‘a love story like no other,’ featuring, he said, ‘two of my favorite people on the planet,’ – Amy Robach and her husband Andrew Shue. unearthed a GMA3 segment filmed in October 2021, when Robach, 49, and Shue, 55, were promoting the children’s book they co-authored.

‘Better Together’ was, the gushing pair explained, inspired by their own love story and experience of blending their families – Robach’s two daughters from her first marriage and Shue’s three sons from his own prior union.

It was a ‘sweet tale about finding common ground and accepting and appreciating each other’s differences.’ Viewers have pointed out the bitter irony that the interview was conducted by the man now exposed as Robach’s lover. She and Shue sat side by side as Holmes addressed the camera, describing Shue as ‘a dear, dear friend,’ before introducing a short video chronicling the romance.

Holmes said: ‘Even though they’re having fun here and they can smile and laugh and hug and kiss, these are two folks who both got together, both divorced, and also, she had two girls, he had three sons, and that family came together. It wasn’t always easy but now here they are.’ A brief video followed in which Robach, and Shue related how they were set up at a book party and, Shue said, were very soon ‘nose to nose’ comparing stories about their families.

They met the next day; within five months they were engaged, and within ten months they were married. It would prove to be a fairytale in want of a happy ending. Returning to the studio to gales of laughter, Robach appeared slightly embarrassed by the schmaltzy footage, joking: ‘Does anyone need an insulin shot?’ while Holmes could be heard saying: ‘Yuk.’

Wrapping up the segment, Holmes and Shue joked with each other, with Holmes saying: ‘I see you all the time. It’s good to have you in the studio, my man.’ In a love-in which is now uncomfortable to watch, Shue responded addressing both Holmes and his wife: ‘I’m just so proud of you guys. This is an amazing show and you guys make it.’

Holmes followed up: ‘He watches, he’s a fan,’ and boasted: ‘See, I told y’all I would deliver the special guest that we have. It’s Andrew Shue. It’s good to have you here man.’

Holmes, 45, has not spoken publicly since broke the news of his affair with Robach last week.

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