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Anonymous College Coaches Upset They Can’t Get Access to Bronny James

College coaches have had their takes on the recruitment of LeBron James’ son Bronny James. To some, Bronny James and talented and would make a good player.

Well, these are the opinions of college coaches, and I think he would become a great player.

On3 got it covered;

James’ recruitment has been a mystery to this point. The circle is very tight. Despite college coaches across the country echoing the sentiments of his talent, no one knows where the four-star point guard’s recruitment currently stands.

But why is this one being kept so close to the vest?

“I tried to get involved, but you had to jump through a thousand hoops just to get to the mom,” an ACC coach told On3. “You’re not allowed to talk to the kid. You have to schedule a time on Tuesday or Thursday with the publicist just to talk to the mom.”

In August, ESPN’s Paul Biancardi dropped a nugget that took the internet by storm. It was one sentence in the 32nd paragraph of an ESPN+ article that Biancardi wrote outlining a three-game trip to Europe that ESPN would be broadcasting of Sierra Canyon. It was not the feature of the article, but those 16 words ended up going viral, “He is being pursued by the likes of UCLA, USC, Michigan, Ohio State, and Oregon, among others.”

As much uncertainty as there was with the media and Bronny James’ recruitment, there was the same amount of uncertainty with college coaches.

“Looking back on it, we probably should have tried to get involved,” said one SEC coach. “To be honest, I didn’t know how realistic the recruitment would be.”

Going back to August, On3 was able to confirm that Ohio State, Oregon, and Southern California were actively recruiting James. We were also able to confirm that Michigan and UCLA were not. Joe Tipton also reported that Memphis had gotten involved with an offer out to the four-star guard. LeBron’s relationship with Penny Hardaway has been well documented.

Dating back to August, college coaches told me the feeling was that while no schools had officially been eliminated, they felt only a few schools were able to get involved. There is still a general feeling that James hand-picked a handful of schools he had an interest in attending and reached out to gauge interest. A separate SEC coach said, “We had a connection, so we reached out to get involved. We heard back that he had a couple of schools in mind, and it would not be worth our time trying to get involved.”

A piece that makes this recruitment so interesting is that Bronny James has become a player in his own right. No longer is he talked about as LeBron James’ son, but Bronny is stepping into his own as a prospect.

“Bronny has a chance to be a really good college player on a winning team,” an ACC coach told On3. “He has a high-level feel, athleticism is a plus at his position, and he doesn’t try to play hero ball. He makes the right passes and can hit shots.”

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