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Russell Wilson Reportedly is Begging Sean Payton to Coach The Broncos

Struggling Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has reportedly admitted that things aren’t going well for him in the NFL and has reached out to the one coach he believes can fix him.  Who is this coach?

Well, Russell Wilson needs fixing, and he believes coach Sean Payton can fix him. Is Sean Payton up to the task? According to TPS;

Russell Wilson has reportedly admitted he needs fixing and wants the one coach he believes could make that happen.

The struggling quarterback is understood to have reached out to Sean Payton about possibly taking over the reins in Denver, with his first season as Broncos QB turning out to be pretty bad.

The Broncos reckoned they had a signal-caller who could take them to the playoffs, at the very least, when they traded for Wilson. But it didn’t take them long to notice that something was off as the 34-year-old surprisingly showed the markings of an average quarterback pretty early into his stint with the team.

The Broncos, who went 5-12 to bear all of the weight of the AFC West as they ended the season at the very bottom, have been linked with Payton and were granted permission to talk to the sought-after coach by the New Orleans Saints this month.

Now, according to Colin Cowherd, Wilson has contacted the 59-year-old via legal means in a bid to get him to become the team’s head coach.

“Russell Wilson has contacted Sean, legally, by the way, through channels,” Cowherd said on Thursday. “He wants Sean Payton. He needs fixing. He knows he needs fixing.”

Should that be the case, Wilson would be correct. Sean Payton can indeed coach him to success. The pairing would be a very positive one for the Broncos and they know it. Couple that with their defense, and it might make for a very interesting 2023 in Denver.

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