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Ex-NFL Player Derek Wolfe Criticized For Taking a Selfie With Mountain Lion He Killed

Ex-NFL star Derek Wolfe is trending on the internet after killing a massive mountain lion with a bow and arrow and according to the Daily Mail, he fell “ten feet off a rock face’ with the 195-pound carcass”.

But hey, social media folks aren’t heaping praises on him, rather, they are blasting his a** for the “ridiculous’ hunt and ‘posing with the corpse”. Social media folks aren’t seeing him as a hero.

Super Bowl champion Derek Wolfe has revealed how he hunted and killed a massive mountain lion using a bow and arrow – before falling ten feet off a rockface with the 195lb carcass.

The former Denver Broncos defensive end said he had been asked to hunt the animal after it ‘wreaked havoc’ in a Colorado neighborhood, killing two dogs and a mule deer.

Sharing an Instagram photo of him holding the carcass of the enormous big cat, the 32-year-old said he had killed the beast using a bow and arrow.

The former NFL player said a woman from his neighborhood asked him to track down the mountain lion that was living under her porch.

It had already killed two of her dogs and she was ‘nervous what he might do next’.

Wolfe said after finding the dead deer he hiked over 9,600 feet up rough terrain to chase down the big cat and was ‘exhausted, dehydrated and cramping’.

However, he eventually found the animal and killed it with his bow and arrow.

The lineman said he had to crawl backwards down the mountain, dragging the carcass with him, to get it back to his truck, falling 10 feet off a rock face in the process.

Wolfe shared a photo of him lifting up the carcass, which looked to at least match his six-foot-five frame and he estimated it ‘probably’ weighed 195 pounds.

The former NFL player regularly posts photos of his kills on his Instagram feed, and is a keen hunter and fisherman.

It is legal to hunt with a bow and arrow in Colorado, but a ‘bowhunter education card’ or a traditional hunter education card is needed, as well as an archery-specific hunting license.

According to Bowhunter Education, you must be at least 10 years old to take the online course, and do not need to specifically be a Colorado resident to be able to hunt in the state.

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