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Hockey Goalie Turned Model Mikayla Demaiter Goes Viral Over Her Latest Crop Top Photos

Hockey goalie turned model Mikayla Demaiter has turned on the heat as she released a thirst trap photo showing off her boobies. She posted the thirst trap photo to her Twitter handle with the caption;

disneyland falls to the second happiest place on earth because everyone knows beside me is the first

Brobible got more;

Former hockey goaltender Mikayla Demaiter has gone from playing goalie in the PWHL to becoming a full-time Instagram model, and she’s killing it.

Back in 2019, Demaiter was forced to change career paths after suffering a devastating knee injury that ended her career as a goaltender.

Demaiter bid farewell to the sport she loved in an emotional Instagram post in 2019.

“Dear Hockey, It is time to say goodbye. It is time to turn the page and move to the next chapter of my life, for the first time you will not be my number one focus.

I am excited for the future because everything you have taught me will allow me to succeed. There will still be early mornings, new adventures and new friends, and I hope that I embrace them with the same love and passion I did for you.”

Fast forward nearly four years later, and Demaiter is an Internet sensation boasting 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

This week, the former hockey goalie went viral after her latest pic set the Internet on fire.

It’s easy to see why Demaiter is so popular just by browsing her Instagram page.

A lot of people are saying Demaiter is hotter than the NIL Goodness Olivia Dunne. She doesn’t have the following that Dunne has but if she was to go on TikTok there could be millions of dollars in her future.

She definitely has the look to start up a subscription service as well.

Flip to the next page for Mikayla Demaiter’s thirst traps and you will be coming back for more, I can guarantee that…

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