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Official Cowboys Twitter Account Blames The 49ers Loss 100% on Dak Prescott

It’s like a yearly tradition now that the Cowboys will disappoint their fans somehow and disappoint them they did Sunday night after their 19-12 loss to the 49ers.

The defense played well enough to win the game, but QB Dak Prescott couldn’t get it together to put them over the edge. He completed 23 of his 37 passes for 206 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions.

Fans aren’t happy with his play, and apparently, neither are the Cowboys. The team posted a bizarre tweet criticizing Dak for his play, saying they could win if they didn’t generate self-inflicted wounds. It has confused fans about Dak and his future with the team.

Fans are split, though, with some not blaming Dak and some saying they’re done with him.

Prescott, to his credit, took responsibility for the loss.

“If I had the answers, then we would’ve won tonight. Too early. Too soon,” Prescott said. “And I promise you we will, though. In my time playing on this team, for this organization, we will. Yeah, it sucks that it’s 365 days away to get back to this position, but we’ve got to take it day by day, step by step, and that’s what I’ll do. I know that’s who I am. I’ll respond the right way. As I said, when we get this team aligned, the guys that we get back, coaches, we’ll do what’s necessary to be right back here and win the next time.”

“I’m disappointed in the way that I’ve played. Those guys in that locker room gave it all. Both sides of the ball. And put me in a position to go win the game. And I wasn’t able to do that,” he said. “And, yeah, I mean, I put it on my shoulders. When you play this position, when you play for this organization, you’ve got to accept that. That’s the reality of it. And as I said, it will make me better.

“It sucks, as I said, that I don’t get another shot at it for a long time, but I know that when I wake up tomorrow, it will be the first thing on my mind, and it will as I carry it through in my training throughout this offseason, as we get to the start of next season. It’s about finding a way to get better, mastering everything that we can to make sure that we get over this hump, whatever it is, and give ourselves a chance of winning it all.”

It should be a very interesting off-season for the Cowboys, but Dak will be the starting QB next season.

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