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The Rock Reacted To Travis Kelce Using His Catchphrase To Troll The Cincinnati Mayor

The Chiefs are headed to their 3rd Super Bowl in the last four years and have a perfect chance to win their 2nd Super Bowl title in that same span.

Before they got their AFC Championship win over the Bengals, there was a lot of talk about Joe Burrow being better than Patrick Mahomes, and Bengal fans and players called Arrowhead stadium Burrowhead stadium because Burrow was 3-0 against the Chiefs.

All that talk went out the window when the Chiefs secured their spot in the Super Bowl, and they made sure to let everyone know they heard everything said about them.

Especially from the Cincinnati Mayor, one of the people called Arrowhead, Burrowhead. After the game, TE Travis Kelce had a message for Mayor Aftab Pureval and used a famous line The Rock has used a lot, telling him to know his role and shut his mouth. Then called him a jabroni.

If you aren’t familiar this is one of The Rock’s famous catchphrases.

The Rock (real name: Dwayne Douglas Johnson) is a former WWE star. The Brahma Bull is considered to be one of the most successful wrestlers in company’s history. He has been a big box office hit in Hollywood as well.

The Rock’s most popular catchphrase is “If You Smell What the Rock is Cooking!”.

The Rock’s other catchphrases are “Know your role and shut your mouth”, “It doesn’t matter what you think” , “Finally the Rock has come back home” and “The Jabroni-beatin’, pie-eatin’, Hell-raisin’, trailblazin’, People’s Champ!”.

The Chiefs with a little help from the refs can talk all the trash they want after beating the Bengals and heading to the Super Bowl.

This is what good rivalries are made of and I hope they keep playing each other for years to come. Plus there is never a bad time to quote the Rock. If the Chiefs win the Super Bowl I am sure Kelce might go full Steve Austin and say “That’s The Bottom Line Because Stone Cold Said So…”

Fans loved it because it was authentic. The Rock also saw the video of Kelce’s message, and he loved it.

Why wouldn’t, though?

Flip the page for Rock’s response.

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