Disturbing Details Emerge on Eagles Josh Sills’ Indictment On Felony Rape, Kidnapping Charges – BlackSportsOnline
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Disturbing Details Emerge on Eagles Josh Sills’ Indictment On Felony Rape, Kidnapping Charges

Innocent until proven guilty is and always has been the mantra when reading about anyone facing legal trouble. Especially prominent figures such as actors/actresses, politicians, and pro athletes. That said, the accusations surrounding this particular pro athlete are nothing short of disturbing. Details surrounding Eagles rookie offensive guard Josh Sills have recently emerged, regarding why he was indicted on charges of rape & kidnapping.

According to TPS, the Sills incident took place when he was 21-years-old and the alleged victim was a friend of his that he’s known for nearly a decade. Sills were said to have grabbed the girl by the arm, pulled her back into his truck, and forced her to perform oral sex on him after he drove both her and her cousin home from a local café.

Further details of the incident accuse Sills of also attempting to kiss her, throwing her down on the seat after grabbing her by the neck, unbuttoning her pants, groping her chest, and more. The offensive lineman faces one felony count of rape and one felony count of kidnapping. Sills is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 16th.

From a football standpoint, Sills is an undrafted free agent that joined the Eagles this year. Which means losing him doesn’t directly impact the Eagles’ chances of winning the Super Bowl this year when they play the Kansas City Chiefs. But football aside, this story is unpleasant to say the least.

Just reading the details of this report is horrifying. Again, it’s innocent until proven guilty, and Sills will have his day in court to tell his side of the story, but that doesn’t take away the likelihood that the alleged victim is telling the truth here. The details of this alleged incident are a little too vivid for me to think she’s lying. For his sake, let’s hope he has concrete evidence to dispute these claims.

Either way it goes, the court of public opinion (social media) will likely not be on his side. If you want a recent example, look no further than Deshaun Watson and the drama that surrounded him all off-season last year.

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