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Watch Angry Camel Trample a Man To Death In Viral Video For Punching It

There is a viral shocking video of an enraged camel that turned on a taunting man and trampled him to death. This is sad! This is what happened, according to the New York Post;

Footage captured the shocking moment an angry camel fatally trampled a man who punched it at a children’s camp in Russia.

“The animal did not appreciate such treatment,” local media reported regarding the deadly incident, which occurred last month at the Beryozka recreation centre in Omsk, Siberia, per East2West news.

The fiasco occurred after a watchman named Yury, 51, struck the dromedary while attempting to move it, causing it to become enraged and attack him, local media reported.

In the disturbing footage, the guard can be seen walking up to the double-humped Bactrian camel — which can weigh over 1,100 pounds — and yanking on its reins. However, the animal, named Vasya, refuses to budge, after which Yuri punches him in the face. He then tries to get the camel to move a second time, whereupon Vasya wheels around and grabs his assailant with his teeth, then flings him around like a ragdoll.

After getting mauled and trampled for a protracted period, the guard can be seen lying motionless in the now-blood-stained snow while the camel continues to prod at him.

The clip concludes with a white car arriving at the grisly scene, prompting the critter to pause his assault.

However, by that point, the watchman had reportedly sustained trauma to his head and body. He was rushed to the hospital, but succumbed to his injuries shortly thereafter.

Prior to the attack, the animal had reportedly been described as peaceful and was often around children sans incident.

Some sources blamed the watchman for provoking the beast by punching him. “The man paid with his life after hitting the animal in the face,” local sources said, per E2W news.

Nonetheless, authorities decided to put the camel down to prevent future attacks. Law enforcement is investigating whether the animal was held legally on camp property.

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