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Watch Britney Spears Pose And Show Off Her ‘Goodies’ In Gold Tasseled Dress and Dances Topless

Britney Spears’ worried fans can now rest and be happy as she is back on Instagram after deleting her page. Well, she welcomed herself to Instagram with a video showing off her body in a gold tasseled dress with the caption;

Holy sh*t !!! Mistake sh*t !!! I posted the wrong video of me singing yesterday and once I did, I tried to play it off with the caption !!! Embrace the fall !!! Yep and try to play it off … yep that’s me !!!! I was in the studio messing around and I accidentally posted that version !!! Mortified, completely mortified !!! Anyway … this is me last night in my new gold dress !!! Think I need to salsa in this dress !!!

According to the Daily Mail;

Britney Spears emerged on Tuesday with a new Instagram video in which she highlighted her stellar figure in a gold dress.

But in her caption, Britney proved to be her harshest critic as she said she was ‘mortified’ by a recent singing video she posted.

The 41-year-old pop superstar claimed she had posted the ‘wrong video’ of herself singing by accident on Monday.

She said she tried to play it off as intentional in the initial caption by complaining that she was too ‘flat,’ but now Britney says she never meant to post that particular video in the first place.

Despite the regrets in her caption, she looked totally vivacious in her accompanying video, in which she highlighted her curvaceous figure in a sparkling gold dress.

Britney’s off-the-shoulder look featured a sheer material and a plunging neckline highlighted her cleavage.

Her dress was decorated with rhinestones that glittered in the light, and the outfit had a striped design radiating out from her trim midriff.

The jeweled mini dress featured a playful tasseled gold skirt, and Britney complemented her dress with a pair of pointy-toed gold heels.

The blond beauty wore her long hair in thick waves that she flipped across her shoulders dramatically.

The video, which was soundtracked to Drake’s Nonstop, showed multiple short, silent clips of Britney strutting up to the camera and flipping her hair or adjusting her dress, as if she was about to turn around on a fashion show runway.

In one take, she fluttered the tassels of her skirt as she came to a dramatic stop, while in another she playfully pulled the top of her strapless dress up to prevent herself from having a wardrobe malfunction.

But her caption was significantly less bubbly, though she seemed to take her recent singing video mixup in stride.

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