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Weather Lady Yanet Garcia Goes Viral Showing NYC Skyline in Purple Corset Lingerie

Yanet Garcia has been heating things up in 2023.

While she hasn’t gone back to doing the weather she has been in New York for several modeling and influencer gigs.

They have all caused the internet to go nuts and the content just keeps on flowing.

Yanet Garcia sent temperatures soaring today, although the weather in New York has remained quite chilly.

She took to social media to share a video before or after a workout.

The weatherwoman posted the video on Instagram, where she has amassed 14.9 million followers. She has shared inspirational videos, recipe ideas, and workout routines in the past, as she appeared to live and breathe fitness.

Indeed Yanet might be the best person to share this information because she receives certification making her an official sports trainer.

For her latest post, Yanet combined her motivation skills with her good looks, with excellent results.

The video featured Yanet in selfie mode, recording her reflection in a mirror behind her.

Yanet looked delightful with her signature smile and a New York Yankees ball cap on her head. She wore colorful spandex leggings, showing that she could be fashionable and fit at the same time. Next, she turned her attention to the outside.

There was a massive window that displayed the picturesque New York skyline. She recently moved to the Big Apple and has consistently documented her adventures in her new town.

The share was quite interesting because Yanet had a line of sneakers underneath the window. The sneakers were perfectly organized with colors, resembling the rainbow and showing major organizational skills in the background.

The video featured a woman offering sage words of advice and inspirational words about motivation. This type of video has become increasingly popular on social media on YouTube inspiration and motivation, videos, and on the pages of other content creators like Gezary Matuda.

Amazing photos she has on display.

Flip the pages to check them out.

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