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Caleb Plant and David Benavidez Know Each Other Weaknesses

I realized something during the final press conference between Caleb Plant and David Benavidez.

Plant and Benavidez know each other weaknesses, and the winner of the fight will be the one who overcomes their shortcomings.

That is the thing about having a reputation, you can change the narrative in the ring.

Benavidez doesn’t think Plant has any power and folds under pressure.

“Every time he fights a real true super middleweight, he gets hurt. He’s gonna be in there with the hardest hitting and most accurate fighter in the weight class. We’re gonna see what’s up.

“I gave him all of my attention. Back in the day I hit hard, but I didn’t really train that hard. Now that I’ve really prepared myself, I’m really dangerous and he should be worried. He definitely gave me the extra motivation because I really don’t like this guy and I want to shut him up. I’m definitely going to be pushing for the knockout every single round.

Plant rightfully points out that Benavidez hasn’t ever fought a legitimate Super middleweight in his entire career who wasn’t past his prime, moving up in weight, or fighting on short notice, so we honestly don’t know good he is.

“You got your newfound muscles that you’ve been showing off all week. Welcome to the club. I don’t need the right opponent in front of me to start working hard. I’ve been this disciplined and I’ve walked the straight line. I’ve been doing it since I was a little kid.

“You have a real one in front of you on Saturday. I’m no blown up middleweight, I’m the real deal. You’re gonna see.”

“I feel I’m the better boxer, I have the better IQ and I have more experience. I have the better pedigree and it’s gonna show on Saturday night.

Has Plant learned from his fight with Canelo? With the addition of his new trainer Breadman will he have enough in the tank to keep Benavidez off him for 12 rounds while getting Benavidez to respect his power?

Will Benviadez show that his Mexican Monster moniker is legit? If he is who he says he is, he shouldn’t have any issues with Canelo’s leftovers. Will he rise to the occasion or be proven as a fraud?

That is what makes a fight interesting. Not the strengths, but the flaws, and who will be able to exploit them on March 25th.