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Fan Threatens to Beat Up Hornets Terry Rozier Over Losing Parlay

One of these days, fans that bet on sports will realize that sports athletes couldn’t care less about their parlays. Sports betting is becoming widely popular around the country, which is not surprising to me. Being able to spend low then turn that into a large profit. The downside to it is people are taking it way too seriously. Your parlays are not the players’ responsibility. They do not care. Especially Terry Rozier of the Charlotte Hornets.

A fan took to Rozier’s DMs on Instagram and went on a tirade, after losing what is being presumed as a big parlay. How big the parlay was, is still unknown. The guy went as far as to threaten Rozier at the next Hornets game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

“And I live in charlotte too inma be at the 76ers game Im knocking yo a** out soon u come thru dat tunnel,” the fan said.

Rozier, like many of these athletes, is not soft. They don’t back down from nobody. Especially not a fan that decides to talk crazy to them on the internet. Rozier responded to him, not only calling him out on his bluff but also saying that he’ll throw hands with him if he tries anything funny.

NBACentral posted the IG conversation on Twitter. Majority of the comments have been siding with Rozier against the fan. Rozier is having a good individual season, in spite of the team overall sitting as one of the worst in the Eastern Conference with a 21-46 record. According to TPS, Rozier is averaging 21.3 points, 4.9 assists, and 4.2 rebounds on the season.

The Hornets take on the Philadelphia 76ers on March 17th. We’ll see if this guy is actually about that life, or is just putting on a front to gain some clout. Either way, it’s wild how comfortable social media has made people.