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Ja Morant on If He Has a Drinking Problem

Ja Morant was suspended over his gun brandishing incident and now, he’s talking about going to counseling and getting psychological help. It’s obvious Ja went to counseling due to his gun incident and he’s here to give details via TPS;

Ja Morant is speaking out to the media after returning to the Memphis Grizzlies following a voluntary absence that turned into a suspension after he went on Instagram Live with a gun at a strip club during a team road trip a few weeks back.

Part of his rehabilitation included a trip to a counseling program in Florida.

Morant explained that the counseling program was not for alcohol abuse as he spoke on it when asked by reporters.

“I don’t have an alcohol problem, never had an alcohol problem. I went [to Florida] for counseling to how to manage cope and stress in a positive way.”

Morant had been in counseling at a Florida facility while he served his suspension.

The rumor about him drinking comes from social media videos of Morant drinking on a flight. It seems harmless, but combine that with his behavior and people start to think that maybe he has issues controlling his drinking.

Now, however, Morant is going to be back on the floor as soon as Wednesday when the team took on the Houston Rockets. The media scrutiny around this game will be quite intense with his return to the court.

The two-time All-Star also apologized for his behavior.

“I’m completely sorry for that,” Morant said after practice.

“So, you know, my job now is, like I said, to be more responsible, more smarter, and don’t cause any of that no more.”

During his absence, Memphis went 6-3 and returned to the second spot in the Western Conference.

Watch Ja Morant speak about going to counseling. Do you believe he doesn’t have drinking problem?