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Joe Mixon’s Sister Denies He Shot a Kid Playing With Nerf Gun Outside of His House

With sports media already buzzing over the recent news regarding Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant, Joe Mixon may or may not have decided to add himself to the list of superstar athletes facing gun-related issues. Only in Mixon’s case, this time around, let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be him directly responsible.

The Cincinnati Bengals running back is now involved in his second gun-related case in only a month’s time. Chancelor Winn reported the news on his official Twitter account just last night at around midnight.

“Joe Mixon’s home still has Sheriff’s deputies out front, the side, & the backyard. Around 11:30p.m. Deputies banged on his front door saying “Sheriff’s Department. Come out.” Crime scene tape was extended across the driveway then too.”

Winn then proceeded to provide live updates in the threads below the post.

Mike Schell provided updates on the situation just hours later:

“Neighbor of Joe Mixon says shots were fired at high school teens who were playing a game of ‘NERF wars’ outside a home next door to where Mixon lives and that the shots came from his house. Unclear who fired the gun,” Schell reports.

His first gun case was about Mixon allegedly pointing a firearm at someone in downtown Cincinnati during a heated, verbal altercation. According to TPS, Mixon said, “You should be popped in the face. I should shoot you; the police can’t get me.”

Mixon is coming off another season of being a 2x AFC North Champion. He played in 14 games but only managed to net 814 rushing yards. His running mate Samaje Perine could be considered partly to blame for that despite only having 394 yards on the year. That said, Mixon put together a career-high 441 receiving yards off 60 receptions.

We still don’t know if Mixon was directly responsible for firing the gun. His sister denies that Mixon is the shooter. Let’s hope he didn’t; whoever did is cut from his inner circle. Too often have we seen athletes make bad choices with who to keep around, negatively impacting their careers.