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Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Figure In Skimpy Bikini To Promote SKIMS

Kim Kardashian is promoting her SKIMS with what her mama gave her. In her latest thirst traps, she showed off her boobs and curves in skimpy bikinis while giving different poses via the Daily Mail;

Kim Kardashian embraced her inner Barbie as she flaunted her toned frame while modeling numerous skimpy bikinis in new Instagram photos shared on Sunday to promote her SKIMS brand.

The TV personality, 42, who recently showcased her grueling morning workout, striked sultry poses near a scenic ocean view and sleek vehicles.

The mother of four opted to not add a detailed caption to her 350 million followers, and instead simply added an explosion emoji.

The reality star added a vintage, grainy filter over each of the snaps included in the Instagram carousel to add a retro flare to the post.

In the first picture, Kim casually leaned against a neon green sports car placed inside a spacious garage that contained open, winged doors for a luxurious touch. She donned a brown, two-piece swimsuit as she stood next to the vehicle.

The businesswoman wore a strapless, brown long-sleeved bikini top, which is secured with string tied at the front, and priced at $54, according to the official website.

She added what appeared to be matching colored tanga bottoms, which can be purchased at $36.

The star slipped into a pair of open-toed, brown heels to coincide with the color scheme of her swimsuit as she placed her right hand on the hood of the vibrant vehicle parked next to her.

Her platinum blonde locks were parted in the middle, and effortlessly flowed down straight past her shoulders.

She accessorized the bikini with a pair of large sunglasses, but chose to not add any other pieces of jewelry to the look.

A rectangular, florescent light offered a bit of light as it shone directly above the car, while a patch of sunlight cascaded on the white wall behind the media personality.

Kim then opted for pop of color wearing a bright blue, $38 scoop bikini top, along with matching bottoms.

The reality star posed on the back of a silver motorcycle that was placed on an ornate, black and white-tiled veranda near the shore of an ocean.

Large green palm trees and green plants bordered the veranda, while warm sunshine shone down on the star in the crystal clear blue sky.

In another photo, Kim added a micro miniskirt made of the same blue color, which is priced at $52.

The shimmering ocean could be seen close by in the distance, with waves crashing down on the sandy shore.

She removed her fashionable sunglasses as she posed for a few photos to show off the comfortable cover-up.

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