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Olivia Dunne Look-a-Like Breckie Hill Goes Viral in Underboob Thirst Trap Video

Since Olivia Dunne has blown up in the social media world, several rivals and look-a-likes have popped up.

This isn’t dissimilar to the Kardashians.

Everyone wants to be a Kardashian these days, and it appears everyone wants to be Olivia Dunne, including Breckie Hil,l who is a self-proclaimed rival of Dunn,e according to The Sun.

OLIVIA Dunne has a rivalry with social media star Breckie Hill, who has turned heads in a new video on TikTok.

The LSU gymnastics superstar has a feud with the social media sensation.

It’s unclear how the beef first started, but Hill told YouTube star Lofe in March that she has a strife with Dunne, who she later describes as ‘such a b****.” Hill has also been unhappy at fans claiming she looks like her Dunne despite their noticeable resemblance.

In a new video on her social media, Hill posed in a risky and NSFW way with the audio in the background saying, “Excuse me? Excuse me? Excuse me? Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry.” Towards the end of the video,  also had her tongue sticking out.

And fans were loving every second of the social media sensation’s skills. One commented: “Breckie let me take you out.”

Another wrote: “Just told my mom i got a new mommy.” And a third said: “Up to no good.”

When it comes to social media following, Dunne has the advantage over Hill. The gymnast has 3.7million followers on Instagram and 7.2million on her TikTok Page.

While Breckie has 500k fans on Instagram and 1.6million on TikTok. She became famous on TikTok with her lip-syncing videos and is now a model and influencer.

And the comparisions will continue between the pair in terms of looks.

Dunne hasn’t responded to the diss from Breckie, probably because she has no idea who she is.

Flip the page for Breckie’s TikTok and more of her thirst traps. Do you think she looks like Dunne?

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