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Photos of Andrew Wiggins’ Girlfriend Mychal Johnson Who Addressed Rumor She Cheated With His Best Friend

t is truly ridiculous that Mychal Johnson even has to address this on social media.

Andrew Wiggins is going through a serious personal issue that is tough on all his family and friends. It is so sad that a nameless face on the internet decided to take advantage of that situation to start a rumor that they knew wasn’t true.

It isn’t sadder how quickly social media has decided to run with the rumor without fact-checking. People lie and say they want the truth and fair reporting, but they love drama and gossip, even if what they are repeating came from someone who just wanted to see if they could go viral.

Here is what Johnson had to say about the situation via Essentially Sports.

The Golden State Warriors are just 1 game above the play-in spots after their latest loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night. The last time Stephen Curry and the Warriors appeared in the play-in, things did not end well. Fans are concerned, especially considering their road record this season. In this crucial time, Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins‘ absence continues to bother fans. The 28-year-old hasn’t suited up for the team since February 13 because of personal reasons. After some ugly rumors emerged regarding his continued absence, his girlfriend had to clear things up herself.

Mychal Johnson, the girlfriend of the 2022 NBA champion, broke her silence after reports revealing she cheated on him went viral all over the internet. Fans were quick to jump to her defense as the family deals with a possibly serious issue.

Mychal Johnson broke her silence on Twitter, though she did not reveal the reason why Wiggins continues to miss games. After several reports revealed she cheated on the 6’7 forward, Johnson took to her Twitter to share her disappointment. Though most of the fans backed her during these tough times, a few weren’t so understanding. 

She is correct that it isn’t anyone’s business what is going on.

That is why it is called a personal issue. Wiggins will decide if he ever wants to explain what happened fully.

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