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Photos of Erica Herman Who Wants $30 Million From Tiger Woods to Keep Quiet After He Kicked Her Out of Mansion

When you are Tiger Woods, you can’t have a normal breakup.

That is why Tiger started making his girlfriends sign NDAs. He had already lost half his fortune to his ex-wife and never planned on doing it again.

Herman signed the NDA, and Woods decided he was done with her. She should move on, but instead, she is trying to shake him down for $30 million.

Tiger Woods is worried about what could be “another scandal” amid legal drama with his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman, a source close to the golfer tells PEOPLE.

With the news that Herman has filed a lawsuit accusing Woods of locking her out of his home and going back on an oral agreement that allowed her to live there for another five years, “Tiger feels like this is another shakedown,” the source says.

The insider tells PEOPLE that “it was clear that things have gotten toxic between the two of them” and that “everyone” around the couple “knew that last year.” Woods ended his relationship with Herman in October, according to the lawsuit, obtained by PEOPLE, and told her she could no longer reside at his Florida home, where he lives with his two children.

Additionally, the source close to Woods says the $30 million Herman asks for in the filing “is ridiculous.”

Woods “has to decide whether it’s worth paying that amount so that this can go away,” says the insider. “Or else, will he see her giving an interview to Dr. Phil? He is trying to protect himself.”

On Monday, Herman filed a complaint asking to be removed from a non-disclosure agreement she signed in 2017, citing a law that allows NDAs to be nullified in cases of s*xual assault. However, Herman has not made any accusations against Woods.

It is insane to ask for $30 million because someone kicked you out of a house they owned with their children.  Tiger had to fake a vacation to get her out of the house and change the locks. Tiger tried to be nice and put her up in a hotel and gave her money to find a new place, but that wasn’t enough for her.

She needs to get a job.

Tiger has to do better picking his girlfriends.

Flip the pages for photos of Herman.

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