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Photos of Female Crane Operator Kate Fahey Says Men Are Constantly Staring at Her Curves

There is nothing like some things are for men only in this advanced world and this young female crane operator named Kate Fahey is a clear case of “all humans are equal” when it comes to opportunities.

According to Kate, men constantly stare at her because they think crane operating isn’t a job for females but she’s changing the narrative and loving her job via the New York Post;

Kate Fahey never intended to work in construction, but after she took a summer job on her father’s site in Ireland, she knew it was the career for her.

Now at 19, Fahey is Ireland’s youngest crane operator, choosing to spend her days 130 feet off the ground rather than going to college.

Although the high-flyer loves her job, she admits it’s tough being the youngest and only female on the team.

“People tend to undermine me,” Fahey, who is from Galway, told Caters. “There have been times where new lads have started on site and it’s like they’ve never seen a crane before with how much they stare.”

Fahey passed her qualifications in 2021 but said it’s not easy being a woman working in a male-dominated industry.

“When I was working in Dublin I came down to meet the delivery driver who looked shocked to see me and constantly asked if I was the banksman and if I was qualified,” she said. “I brushed it off as you have to have a backbone.”

“My favorite thing about the job is the craic and the banter that have on-site. I love it, and you get to work with so many unique people,” the blond gushed, fondly looking back at the first time she sat in the cab of a crane.

“The first time I climbed up the ladder for the crane, all the lads were saying how I was underestimating it and that I’ll have a panic attack when I get too high up,” the fearless teen recalled.

“I wasn’t even nervous about the height,” she quipped. “Truth be told I hadn’t even thought about it, I was just nervous about learning a new role but once I got up there and saw the view I was blown away. I’ve loved it ever since.”

“To anyone, girls and boys, if you truly have an interest in construction then I’d always urge you to go for it.”

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