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Photos Released of Ja Morant Getting Lap Dance at Strip Club and Spending $50k Before Flashing Gun

Someone decided they wanted to make a quick come up, so they took some photos of Ja Morant on the surveillance video getting a lap dance and throwing money at Shotgun Willie’s in Denver.

There is nothing nefarious about the video, just Ja getting a lap dance and eating many wings.

This is something that happens at strip clubs across the world. There is a ton of money on the floor, which is what you expect from an athlete with a $200 million contract.

None of this would have been a big deal if Ja himself didn’t post a gun on his IG Live that ended up freaking out the strippers via the NY Post.

Memphis Grizzlies All-Star point guard Ja Morant dribbled and drooled over a stripper at the same Denver-area jiggle joint where he blew $50,000 in tips — and flashed a gun 48 hours later — shocking photos obtained by The Post and insiders reveal.

The new March 2 snaps show the bad-boy baller at raunchy Shotgun Willie’s in Glendale, CO, transfixed by the backboard of a G-string-clad brunette straddling his lap inside in the VIP room — and almost every inch of surface covered in cash.

“The whole room is full of money — it’s literally a pile. You’d need a rake,” according to one club insider who witnessed the eye-popping hardwood scene.

The vaunted 23-year-old point guard, who re-signed with the Grizzlies last year in a 5-year extension deal that could be worth up to $231 million, shelled out at least $50,000 in cash tips in the two-night booty bender, two employees told The Post.

At the club, the Grizzly turned horndog, paying for four dancers and bottle service, and wolfing down on a jersey-busting spread of food that appeared to include a basket of hickory-smoked wings, two platters of chicken strips and fries, and a steak, according to the insider and photos.

Deborah Dunafon the majority owner of Shotgun Willie’s, confirmed Morant was a repeat customer on March 2 and 4.

“This kid, real young, was exceptionally respectful, and sweet and he did not drink [on his second visit],” Dunafon, 72, said. “We’ve had [Denver] Nuggets and Broncos … come in and pitch quarters at the girls, be disrespectful and nasty. He’s marvelous.”

The gun, however, “absolutely terrified” Shotgun girls in the backroom, claimed one dancer who wasn’t in the VIP room but heard complaints from her coworkers.

This isn’t something new.

Young athletes with a lot of money have been known to get out of control early in their careers. Like all athletes in the social media age, Ja is under a spotlight, so he has to move differently.

Flip the pages for the strip club photos.

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