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Veronika Rajek Says She’s Bringing Sexiness Back Showing Off Her Booty And Cleavage In Yellow Bikini

Veronika Rajek’s latest thirst trap video is sending temperatures high as she showed off her booty and boobs in a hot yellow bikini while promising to bring back sexiness. She dropped the video on her 4.4 million Instagram page with the caption;

Message is clear : I’m bringin’ sexy back

According to Marca;

Veronika Rajek has officially ‘brought sexy back’. The gorgeous blonde Slovakian bombshell posted yet another jaw-dropping video on Instagram which was captioned: “The message is clear: I’m bringin’ sexy back.”

She’s not wrong: the video is perhaps her sexiest to date. In the clip, the former ‘Miss Slovakia’ can be seen elegantly walking through an exotic beach side terrace dressed in a luscious orange bikini and high hills. She oozed with confidence as she walked seductively through the sun, with her beautiful blonde locks bouncing in the sea breeze.

Her figure, as always, caught the eye of fans on Instagram. “Legggggggsssssssss,” commented one user with ten fire emojis. “It’s probably illegal to look so good,” said another. Despite being 5ft 11, Rajek is incredibly curvy, and fans just can’t wrap their heads around it.

“When God created you, He conceived just such a tender, fragile, seductive and at the same time mysterious girl, which you are. How can one resist the divine plan? Impossible, that’s why I bow before your beauty…”, was one of the more poetic comments.

In this post though, it was perhaps her smile that stood out the most. On various occasions in the clip, she showed fans her radiant, piercing and beautiful smile.A true natural beauty.

Normally a woman that is 5’11” simply does not have these type of physical attributes, but Veronika is pulling it off effortlessly.

I just know that Tom Brady is in those DMs. If he isn’t, he is a fool because she has been throwing herself at him for about four months straight now.

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