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BSO Game Review: Walkabout Mini-Golf for PSVR 2

Regarding the PSVR 2, games have been slow and steady. It’s not that there’s nothing to play, it’s that the vast majority of these games existed on other platforms first and the lack of new titles coming out is what’s hurting the system from gaining more steam. That said, that doesn’t mean there aren’t gems to be found in these older games, and the fact that the first PSVR system was really a tool that retrofitted existing technology to make VR work, but it wasn’t exactly like the system was designed from scratch. The newer PSVR 2 system utilizes the industry standard controller and the wealth of games that used this control scheme for other VR outlets suddenly became fair game on the PSVR 2. As a result, PSVR 2 owners are only just now getting some real gems that others have known about for some time.

Walkabout Mini-Golf by Mighty Coconut is one such gem. The beauty of mini-golf is that almost anyone on earth can play it and have a good time. Yeah, winning is fun, but I extract more value from the laughs I get even trying impossible shots. Let’s be real, there can’t be too many people out there playing competitive mini-golf. In fact, if you’re an adult of any kind, chances are you’ve mostly played this game completely unable to hit or walk a straight line if you catch my drift. If you didn’t catch my drift, I meant completely shitfaced. You’ve probably played completely shitfaced. 

Now Might Coconut has brought this guilty pleasure to the house in the form of VR. That’s right, no more calling for a designated driver after 36 holes, now you can play in the comfort of your own home, and you can do it with friends. Walkabout Mini-Golf isn’t just about playing 18 holes, either. The levels are made with love and encourage exploration. You can even get special balls to play with by exploring the levels and finding hidden golf balls and putters. This encourages the player to take in the care, intelligence, and passion that went into these levels. 

When I say intelligent, I mean intelligent. I don’t know which person had the idea to put M.C. Escher’s “Relativity” as a level in the game, but it absolutely shows up as one of the foundations for one of the holes in the Labryinth-themed course. Oh, I suppose now would be a great time to mention that they have themed courses in addition to the courses that ship with the game. This DLC is absolutely fantastic and includes Labyrint, Myst, and Jules Verne-themed levels. Given the reception to this game — and this review will not be bucking that trend — I wouldn’t be surprised if even MORE themed and downloadable courses show up down the line. 

The controls for the game are extremely simple and allow for some height customization, as well as choosing your dominant hand. You’re able to take practice swings, drop mulligans, and get a general vector for your ball, and there’s a very specific control for taking an actual swing. This is to prevent accidentally hitting the ball, though I must confess I still found three thousand ways to pull this off, that’s entirely user error. 

The only control problem I found was that the control would fail to register my swing on occasion. I honestly couldn’t say if this was me or the game. I’m inclined to think it’s somewhere in the middle, as I do have a tendency to swing really fast and that can affect any VR controller. I still think it’s important to highlight that this was not game-breaking in any way and it didn’t hinder my overall enjoyment of the game. I was also told there would be minor patches that could possible take care of my issue in the instance that its cause was something totally weird and unrelated to my swing. So, this may not even be a thing by the time you read this, if it ever really was a thing in the first place, and I’m not convinced it was. 

The music for the game is absolutely complimentary to the controls and overall enjoyability. Done by UTEP Professor of Commercial Piano and composing music for several films, Walkabout Mini Golf has a mellow and ambient soundtrack complimentary the course you’re playing. A course like Tourist Trap on the beach is bound to have those summer beachy vibes while Original Gothic has a choral background and more closely resembles something you’d hear in a cathedral. A course like Tethy’s Station has a more ethereal and upbeat vibe to it, sorta reminding you of an opening to any good fantasy film. My personal favorite level and song was Sweetopia, which sounds like any opening to a princess film featuring some happy-go-lucky sidekick.

If there was a more perfect game to play on VR, I could not find it. Mighty Coconut has a winner on their hands here and it really doesn’t matter which platform you get it on, whether that’s on the PlayStation ecosystem or elsewhere, this game works and it works well. This is quite easily the adult version of Wii Golf and it’s so much cooler, better, varied, and approachable. I don’t think I’ve ever played a golf game that was simultaneously so different from anything I’d ever played, but also more enjoyable than anything I’ve ever played. You won’t be catching me on anyone else’s courses anytime soon. 

If you have a VR headset and you like golf of any sort, you really have no other choice but to by this game. Not buying this game would be denying your soul one of the most relaxing and satisfying experiences it could ever experience. You wouldn’t just be missing out by not buying this game, you would be bordering on negligence. Walkabout Mini-Golf isn’t just a game, it’s a virtual reality experience. 

Disclaimer: Mighty Coconut provided BSO with a copy on PSVR 2 for review.

BSO Rating: 9.75-out-of-10