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Photos of UFC’s Israel Adesanya Ex-Girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell Who is Suing Him For Half His Money

It is clear to me Charlotte Powdrell saw that Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend was trying to and decided she wanted in on that.

Woods’ ex-girlfriend Erica Herman wants $30 million for being Woods’ girlfriend for five years even though they were never married and had no kids.

While Adesanya doesn’t have Tiger Woods’ money, he has made a very good living in MMA, and Powdrell wants half because she was his girlfriend for a brief period.

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya is going to be facing a court battle with his ex-girlfriend. However, he is not backing down from this legal fight.

From Africa to New Zealand, Adesanya has worked to build himself up from hardships to become a kickboxer, then UFC champion, and one of the most popular fighters in the sport today. He has made millions of dollars, headlining multiple pay-per-view events and beating nearly every man he has faced in MMA, and racking up five title defenses and a total of eight championship wins.

While Israel Adesanya has never been afraid to speak his mind and post wild things on social media, he is not often one to post about his personal life. However, his personal life is being dragged into the limelight, as his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell is apparently taking the middleweight champion to court, in an attempt to take half of his earnings.

This news came according to fellow UFC fighter and bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley, who spoke about it on a recent episode of his podcast. Here, he claimed that Powdrell is looking to take half of the money Adesanya has made, despite never having been married or having kids together, due to her time spent taking care of him and supporting him through his rise to fame.

Adesanya was displeased by what she was doing and had this to say on Instagram about her trying to mess with his money.

Also I really hope you lawyer up and come for my assets like you said, I hope you try affect my businesses such as Puma with your weak bitch threats. Please please do so, let pay for it all, you have a sugar daddy now who will pay for everything. For someone who moves in silence he sure does talk a lot about you guy’s plans lol. Mentally drain me…hahaha!! You are pathetic, even worse than when you said ‘well you’re gonna have to break up with me then.’ so you can be a victim just the way you like it. You’re just like (redacted) and you’re worse than (redacted). Show this to (redacted), show this to your lawyer too.

You have never helped me make money, only ever cost me money. Now you think you deserve half my sh*t? What an entitled pompous BRAT you are. I spit on you. I dare you to start your stupid campaign. Your threats don’t work here anymore, they’re fired! You are responsible for your emotions. You don’t care about my life cuz you’ve sold info about me, so I don’t care about yours. I don’t even hate you, I just don’t care about you. I’ve not been in love with you for a while.

Well damn.

I double she gets any money, but be very careful sailing on the Milk Yacht.

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