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WWE Allegedly Planned To Bring Back Bray Wyatt’s “The Fiend” Gimmick

Last year’s Extreme Rules PPV saw the return of WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt, a massive fan favorite of the WWE Universe. The return, which took place at the tail end of the PPV, featured all the characters Bray’s ever featured up to present day – including his recent “The Fiend” gimmick. Wyatt’s new “Uncle Howdy” gimmick became a focal point in his feud against WWE Superstar L.A. Knight.

Their feud came to a head at this year’s Royal Rumble PPV, where the WWE debuted its first ever “Pitch Black” match. The match concluded with Bray Wyatt being the victor after hitting the Sister Abigail on the megastar. It was a short, hardcore contest; although the match entirely was also about as weird as one would expect, personally.

Since then, Wyatt suffered a hand injury on the road to this year’s Wrestlemania 39. Wyatt reportedly suffered a gruesome ring finger injury, which put a major damper on his momentum and forced the WWE to reportedly change plans. Though not his fault, Wyatt’s injury left his return to the WWE to be lackluster so far.

Recent reports from Xero News on Twitter have stated that Wyatt’s return is being planned to take place at this year’s SummerSlam. The question that’s circulating around certain wrestling media outlets is which gimmick will Bray Wyatt focus on? Uncle Howdy or The Fiend?

While Xero News has reported that the Bray Wyatt/Uncle Howdy gimmick is scheduled to continue, other outlets such as Fight Fans are saying that The Fiend may return. This allegedly being due to how poorly the Uncle Howdy gimmick performed at the Royal Rumble:

“WWE wasn’t overly fond of how the Pitch Black match went down and the new Bray Wyatt masked character that debuted at the Royal Rumble, as they felt it wasn’t as good as The Fiend and wouldn’t sell the merchandise etc like The Fiend did. Have been in talks regarding it since after Royal Rumble earlier this year, talks stopped for a while and were picked up again within the last month or two.”
 (H/T Fight Fans)

Either way, Wyatt will be more than likely be well received by WWE fans.