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Paul Pierce Tells Kevin Garnett He Rented His Girlfriend For the Day to Hang Out With Him

Kevin Garnett stunned Paul Pierce after he shockingly revealed that he once rented a girlfriend for a day on Livestream. This world is full of possibilities and I’m not shocked Kevin got a girlfriend to rent for a day for whatever purpose.

According to VladTV;

Kevin Garnett had Paul Pierce on his KG Certified show on Showtime Basketball’s YouTube channel during Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday (June 7). While watching the game, Pierce introduced Garnett to a woman that he motioned to sit next to him.

After introducing her as “Camille,” Pierce told Garnett, “This is my girlfriend for the day. They got a website that you can hire girlfriends for the day. So I got a girlfriend.” Garnett responded by telling Pierce to “stop” several times, and then he stated, “We don’t give parental guidance on livestreams.”

This comes after Paul Pierce was fired from ESPN following an incident on Instagram Live, where he was smoking, drinking, and partying with dancers. He opened up about his firing on the I AM ATHLETE podcast, stating, “I got fired for what? I got fired for having some entertainment. I’m playing cards, [it’s] my boy’s birthday, there’s girls dancing, and we’re blowing some trees. What did I do wrong?”

Speaking about being fired after an investigation, Pierce stated, “At the end of the day, it’s Disney, and they have a morals clause, and they just said it was immoral.” 

Paul Pierce has been living life since he got a divorce. The reason he was fired from ESPN is because he had some strippers over on his live stream.

You really should look at Kevin Garnett’s face when Pierce told him he rented a girlfriend for a day.

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