Eliza Kruger Nude Photos Hit The Net..Mark Sanchez Story Gets Stranger

Before some of you try to get your R Kelly on, I am not posting a 17 year old girl nude on this site.

You guys are not going to have Chris Hanson coming to my door asking me to take a seat.  If for whatever reason you do what to check that out (I am telling you Chris Hanson is watching) you can go here.

The bigger story to me is how a story that legally in a non story, has spread like wildfire simply off the strength of it being in New York, rich socialites and franchise quarterbacks.

It is also scary to anyone who has a daughter (like myself) to see a 17 year old who is underage drinking, smoking, in clubs, dating and possibly having sex with older men and now getting her myspacemodel on.

Hug your daughters gentlemen everyday and hope and pray.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline

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