Domestic Violence Case Against Falcons Christopher Owens Dismissed

So I guess Latia Terry wasn’t too happy about the break-up with Chris Owens.

In a family violence hearing, the case against the Falcons cornerback was dismissed in Superior Court of Gwinnett County on Wednesday, according to his attorney Randall M. Kessler.

Last week, Latia – the mother of Owens 9-month-old child – claimed that Owens trashed  her place while she and the baby were out. According to the police report, Latia said Owens smashed holes in the wall, destroyed expensive electronics and even broke the baby’s crib. She also alleged Owens grabbed handfuls of her valuable jewelry, designer clothes and pictures of the former couple, threw it all in a pile, and drenched it with bleach — ruining everything.

Owens argued that Terry was not happy with their relationship and was seeking “revenge.”

The two agreed to work together to establish parental rights and shared parenting time – which is good for the child.

No matter what personal issues you have with the father of your child, you can’t keep him from seeing his child if he’s willing to be in the child’s life.

It pisses me off when I hear how some women use their child as a pawn to get whatever they want from the father.

It’s not about you anymore. It’s about the child and what’s best for him/her.

I’m happy to hear the two are mature enough to put their feelings aside and workout out a visitation schedule instead of taking it to court.

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