Kim Kardashian Hires Acting Coach after Co-Stars Say She’s Worst Actress Ever

Tyler Perry is a GENIUS.

Honestly no one would be talking about this movie, especially in the mainstream media if Kimmy wasn’t in it.  It doesn’t matter if she can’t act, it is all about the publicity.

Trust me people will go to the movie just to see how bad she is in it or because they are obessessed fans of hers, it is a win/win. breaks it all down and gives some exclusive details, so be sure to check out her site.

Kim K, who landed a role in Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor” (insert joke here) reportedly has been screwing her lines up on set, and has hired celebrity acting coach Susan Batson to help her make a us a “believe” that she’s really an actress.

At a table read last week when Kim was reading her lines everyone was making faces, and trying not to laugh”, says an insider on set. “Some of the cast and crew were saying she’s the worst actress ever, and is only cast in the movie to sell tickets.”

I am not sure why Tyler Perry gave her any speaking roles, that was his first mistake, but beyond that I am not sure what people expected.

Kimmy isn’t an actress she is just a pretty face, Rex Ryan is better actor.

Kris Humphries isn’t working maybe he can get a bit part.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline

11 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Hires Acting Coach after Co-Stars Say She’s Worst Actress Ever

  • Im confused…Tyler Perry said that he wants to capture a younger viewers…The Biotch is 1 day short of bein 40 yrs old, and already has grey hair top and bottom. Also she would be a good role model for young kids…seriously!!! she was married twice, and lets not 4get the sex porn tape. Whats wrong with this picture. Everytime i see this chick her mouth is open, like a blow up doll. whats up with that…ok!! don’t answer that, im sure your thinkin what im thinking R-Jay. Bottomline here is Tyler Perry is a well rounded respectable man. With mucho, many, lots of PASO’s/MONEY. Why on Gods earth would he even want to ruin his image or movies by givin her a part. Nothing for nothing Tyler is goin to have to explain to all the Black women of America why she was picked and consider to be younger then most his beautiful chooses of women who always casted in his movies. That to me is an insult, and a slapp in the face with Kim’s fake a$$ bootayyy. Oh Well!! no matter what Tyler Perry is still the man…But i think MADEA needs to sit his Black A$$ down and give him some sense in his head. OOP’s!!! i think i hear the PoPo comin. “WORD”

  • Hold up peeps, i need to know, give me a heads up if i’m right or wrong…Basically its ok for my child/ 2 girl _ to jump in bed with any man, have unprotected sex with Tom, Dick, Luther, Harry, or Rashid. Do Porn/Sex Tape for the world to see. Get married & divoce twice, Lie to your parents & the world…and do PlayBoy. Kim Kardashian is suppose to be my Child’s Role Model. Lordy Lordy!!! Please save the children! Momma’s you best be locking up your kids, because the outside world is in trouble. AMEN…So much for Madea’s family value…

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