Blogger Explains How Athletes Get You From Twitter to Bedroom From a Real Life Experience

People like to rationalize their hoish activities a lot.

Rarely do you see someone openly acknowledge said activities while trying to give a lesson for others.

Which brings us to Zeralyn who on her site (the full story is on there) gives a step by step visual on how some athletes pick out their prey on social media sites on Twitter and what women can expect when they are “chose”.

It might be an eye opening read to some or  familiar to others, but you check it out.

Sooooooo once upon a time, the above picture was my default on Twitter. This was in late 2009, and it made a many a thirst traps for actors, rappers and athletes. Or as I like to call them Rapletes. Many men jumped into my dm box talking about nothing and how they wanted to beat and skeet. I laughed and flirted heavily but nothing ever came of it.

I had seen this particular raplete in my Timeline before. Then, one day someone Retweeted him into my timeline, I @ him and said “Wow, your fcukkin sexy.”… Suddenly, he told me to follow him and I did. Immediately, we began to talk back and forth via dm until maybe a few days later he sent me his number.

We talked and texted maybe a week when suddenly he asked, can I fly you to Denver? Of course I agreed and within 48 hours I arrived at DIA. He had a car service pick me up and I arrived at his apartment. Within hours we were having sex, (Yes I too do ho sh*t) and we went to Grand Lux. I ordered a Salisbury Steak.

I hung around a few days and went back home. We talked a little after that, but that was pretty much it. The basic moral of this story is to let you know that these men are predators on social sites. They pretend to like you and will fcuk you and send your ass back home. There are no feelings involved, they see some ass they want and purchase a ticket. I honestly would have felt better if he had gave me the money and not Delta.

As much as I like to pretend like I don’t care, and have no feelings, I do. So, I have learned to stop falling for the okie doke. Don’t be a notch on one of these losers belts. Demand that they fly you out, put you in a hotel and DO NOT FCUK them. If they get mad, oh well was nothing gained or lost. But, at least you don’t have another stupid body count.

Don’t have a Twitter #fail, treat these men like investors. Take the highest bidder…

Interesting case study, what are you thoughts?

One thing that Zeralyn says at the end is to treat men like investors on the flip side I would say men should be aware of who they are opening up their investment firm to.

It goes both ways.

Social media has made it easier for men and women to “explore their options”. No one can tell you what you are doing is wrong or right, just remember the mirror never lies.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline

10 thoughts on “Blogger Explains How Athletes Get You From Twitter to Bedroom From a Real Life Experience

  • Sounds like she got exactly what she wanted. She had sex with a “raplete” and now she has a story to tell.

    Respect to the dude that flew her out, had his fun and sent her home w/out money exchanging hands.

    • Exactly. She’s trying to make a come-up off of this shit LOL. Of course single men with money are gonna sleep around. You think they actually love you???

  • Grand Lux, really? That should of been the first red flag.

  • She isn’t talking about Tim Tebow isn’t she??

    This broad puts up those kind of pictures and complain that men are predators???????? That what her game is based on, using her body to get free stuff. Like the above poster stated, she got exactly what she wanted.

    • And I was kidding about the Tebow part.

  • I dont see what she has to complain about, she has her pic of her showing her ass, she initiated the interaction and knew damn well why he flew her out. IMO she just wants attention, both then and now.

    • DING DING DING!!!!!

  • I’d comment but it’s all already been said. I’ll had, “you may not be a hooker, but you’re wearing a hooker’s uniform.” Dave Chappelle

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