Tony Parker Suing for $20 Million Over Injuries Sustained During Chris Brown v. Drake Brawl

Tony Parker figured everyone else is about to paid he might as well make a couple of dollars off the brawl as well.  TP was chilling with his lady and some friends in VIP when the bottles started flying (look at the pics above).

Some glass struck Parker in the eye and he suffered some retina damage.

Now, he want the club to show him the money.

The San Antonio Spurs guard — injured in the Chris Brown-Drake melee at a New York City nightclub — filed a $20 million lawsuit against its owners Thursday, saying they should have known better than to let the Rihanna love rivals in at the same time.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Parker holds W.i.P.’s owners responsible for the “corneal laceration of the left eye and other injuries” he suffered in the bottle-throwing brawl at the now-shuttered Vandam Street club.

His lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, said the extent of Parker’s wounds are not yet known but noted eye injuries “certainly don’t improve your outside shot.”

She’s been known, like Helen of Troy, to cause trouble,” Jaroslawicz said of Rihanna.

He called Rihanna, Helen of Troy that is a great comparison.
I blame Drake for all of this.  Brown was trying to make peace when Drake sent a note back saying…
“I’m still f*cking Rihanna the love of your life.”
If you are going to say something like that be man enough to say it to his face, not by carrier pigeon.  That is weak, no wonder Drake needs 100 bodyguards, men don’t send notes saying they are sleeping with your EX.
That is what soft little boys do.
TP should sue Drake for always being in his feelings.
All over RiRi…

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline

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