Sports Illustrated Cover: “We Were Penn State” (Photo)

The cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated sums up nicely the effect today’s sanctions will have on the football program and makes a pretty strong statement.

“We Were Penn State”

The quote above it reads “An unprecedented failure of institutional integrity…”


5 thoughts on “Sports Illustrated Cover: “We Were Penn State” (Photo)

  • It says “An unprecedented failure of institutional integrity”…

  • Disgusted with the Sports Illustrated “We Were” cover. Not only is it a slap to the face of all of us who gained a wonderful education at PSU and to the hours I spent standing raising money for kids with cancer and to the great friendships and memories I created, but it is degrading to so much more. The history of the chant We Are… Penn State stems from the 1947 football season. Southern Methodist University did not want Penn State to play their 2 African American players in the Cotton Bowl. They wanted to schedule a meeting to discuss this. Steve Suhey, a white player, responded in solidarity with the Aftican American players, white players, and university as a whole as he said “We Are Penn State. There will be no meetings.” The first African Americans played in the Cotton Bowl that year because of the solidarity of the Penn State family. This is the kind of solidarity we talk about when we say We Are. It isn’t just a football chant. It is a lifelong commitment to join together, be one, and stand together for Dear Old State and the good it represents. So try and further ruin our reputation and kick us while we are down, but no matter what you say or do, We Are, and always will be, Penn State!

  • thanks Butch for your post. WE ARE…still Penn State and no one from the inept media will ever take that from us. This horrible cover will just make us yell it louder on game day. I for one will never be purchasing SI again!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this story, Butch. This part of the “story” is not told. Thank YOU for telling it.

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