Dwight Howard Takes Laker Rookie Robert Sacre Jersey Number (Photo)

When I came across this story, the laughter that came out was so unexpected.

Apparently when Dwight Howard got traded to the Lakers he didn’t just take the media by storm, he also took rookie Robert Sacre jersey number, #12.

“Dwight [Howard] took my no. 12 that I was wearing in the Summer League,” the former Gonzaga star explained after the shoot. “I can’t argue with that. That’s what happens when you have seniority. I’m OK with all of this. I just want to get back on the court.”

You can tell he had ill feelings towards the situation because he said “he took my no 12”. Thats not the worst part yet, during the NBA’s rookie photo week, the Laker organization didn’t even have the decency to make him feel apart of the team by giving him a number; they just gave him a blank jersey.

He was the only rookie without a number. How sad is that?

Sacre looks like a LA Laker step child.