Syracuse PG Michael Carter-Williams Caught Stealing a Robe From Department Store

Carter-Williams paid Lord and Taylor’s a $500 fine to make sure he didn’t get arrested, but the funniest part of this is what he was trying to steal.

According to the Carter-Williams went into a dressing room with his backpack to try on a Robe and a pair of gloves.

When he left the dressing room the robe and gloves mysteriously made their way into his backpack. I use to work at a Macy’s and Dillards in my youth, the security people at these stores believe they are Jack Bauer, so if you are going to go YOLO do it for more than a Hugh Hefner robe.

Because he paid the fine and there was no arrest, no punishment will be forthcoming. He should have just been arrested for being dumb.


Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline

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