Super Bowl Viewers Call Go Daddy Commercial ‘Disturbing’. Do You Agree?

black sports online go daddy super bowl ad

GoDaddy has built their reputation off their racy ads, but have they gone too far this time?

The commercial first aired early on in the beginning of the game just as folks were settling down with their plates of food. The ad sparked a wave of backlash with tweets firing off by the second all in negativity about the commercial.

The Huffington Post posted a few of the tweets that came in to them chiming in on the matter. Many spectators of the big game were ‘grossed out’ and shocked. Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele tweeted the following

black sports online michael steele go daddy tweet

The ad featured model Bar Rafaeli engaged in a very long, and very ‘noisy’ kiss with an actor (who appeared very young) who was a Godaddy tech geek.

Danica Patrick presented the ‘two sides’ of Godaddy with Bar representing the sexy side, and the geek representing their domain building side. How the long kissed tied them together is anyone’s bet. The strong reactions are coming in left and right, but still no comment from Godaddy themselves.

What do you make of the ad, no harm done or was it just way too much?