Carmelo Anthony Explains Why LaLa Had A Right To Be Upset

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Does LaLa Anthony have a right to be upset  since the Boston Celtics continues to drag her name through the mud as a way to mess with her husband Carmelo Anthony?

Well according to Carmelo Anthony she surely does. This year during two different occasions, LaLa name along with her honey nut cheerios has been the topic of conversation. Following a playoff game on Wednesday May 1st, her name was brought up once again when Jordan Crawford approached Carmelo after the game.

Crawford allegedly said, “My man [Kevin Garnett] f***ed your wife!”

After the game, instead of not paying attention to the shenanigans displayed by egotistical men, she decided to vent on her Twitter and Instagram account.

When asked about his wife name being constantly brought up by Celtics players, Carmelo did the husband like thing and defended his wife.

“I would be upset too if I was her,” Anthony said. “She’s always getting thrown into the mix of the Boston Celtic series. I would be upset if I was her. She’s her own person at the end of the day.”

“It’s nonsense to me,” Anthony continued. “I don’t pay attention to it. I told you the other day it wasn’t worth you all typing that.”

Anthony is right. If Crawford said what it’s being alleged that he said, she didn’t need to respond to that even if it was an indirect response. Simply ignore it.

I understand that the NBA has done a complete 180. Players can no longer choke an opposing teammate on the court, let alone refer to someone’s wife when trash talking. It’s now considered heartless, tacky, trashy, and maybe even a little taboo.

However this is basketball. A player will say whatever, however, whenever if they see it’s working and affecting your game. The first time a Celtic player used LaLa name they won. The second time same thing. So if the results are working, bench player or not, why not use what works?

LaLa is a self-made business woman. I’m sure this is not the first time she’s heard negative things about herself from people she could care less about.  As long as you know your truth, I wouldn’t give my naysayers a single ounce of my energy.  Instead I would tell my husband to break his ankles the following game, posterize him, and send them fishing.

Now that’s payback.

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  • Totally AGREE Which leads me to BELIEVE There’s ALOT OF TRUTH TO WTF has been said but Heeyyyy LaLa is a KNOWN TRICK… Sooo my Respect level for Her IS ZERO!!!!! #MmmHmm

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