Report: Mayweather vs. Guerrero PPV May Not Crack 1 Million Buys

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Robert Guerrero

This doesn’t mean much for Mayweather because his money is guaranteed, so he is getting paid regardless. His overall take won’t be as much, but it will still be a pretty healthy check from Showtime (over $40 million).

The problem as Dan Rafael of ESPN points out is that Showtime needed the Pay-Per-View buys to be well over one million to make a profit and from the looks of it, that might not happen.

The question begs why would the PPV numbers be so low? There are several reasons to consider, the first being the jump from HBO to Showtime. While the money was great from Showtime, the promotion just didn’t have the same juice. The Showtime All-Access, failed to attract the viewership that HBO’s 24/7 had in the past. Robert Guerrero unlike Miguel Cotto or even Victor Ortiz didn’t bring much to the promotion, as far as name recognition to the public.

Canelo Alvarez not being on the undercard probably cost Mayweather at least 250k Pay-Per-View buys. Alvarez’s fight with Austin Trout was well received and would have brought in a bigger audience.

Lastly, Manny Pacquiao getting KOed killed the little remaining buzz there was for a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. I have been to every Mayweather fight since he knocked out Ricky Hatton and this was the first post fight press conference that no one asked a question about Manny Pacquiao. The public has given up interest in the fight and some may have only been watching Mayweather with the hopes the megafight would be made in the future. Without that carrot dangling they had no motivation to drop $70 on a PPV.

There is one good thing that can come out of this. If the PPV numbers are low, there will be more pressure for Mayweather to fight Canelo Alvarez. I can’t imagine a fight with Amir Khan, Devon Alexander or Danny Garcia is going to inspire more PPV buys than Guerrero. While I think Mayweather might go in a different direction than Alvarez, Showtime and others will be pushing hard for it.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline

8 thoughts on “Report: Mayweather vs. Guerrero PPV May Not Crack 1 Million Buys

  • How could Alvarez and Mayweather fight Sir? Canelo is a legitimate middleweight who damn near rehydrates on fight night to the high 160’s. Mayweather fights at welterweight and will continue to fight at that weight class now that he’s in the tail end of his career. What do people want next? For Mayweather to fight a heavyweight? People are ridiculous. As are you. Maybe educate yourself on the sport first.

    • I believe the writer is well educated on this topic. The article was unbias and also informational. Mayweather fought at light middleweight against Miguel Cotto in 2012 (last year) so why can’t he fight Canelo Alvarez at light middleweight in 2013? Please do not tell me because Canelo rehydrates into the 160’s. Every boxer rehydrates 10-20 lbs. And honestly, who can Mayweather fight next that will generate legitimate interest?

      • He is the best there is no one left so sit back and watch him spent that 32mil a fight…lol suckers

    • where were you when Floyd had Marquez skip 2 divisions to fight at a catchweight, then Floyd did not even try to make weight….this is not that big of a deal, look at hagler/leonard… ridiculous Ah0le

      • are you not informed that juan marquez wanted the fight and called out FMW when he beat diaz!! and JMM is not the only fighter to crawl 2 weight classes to fight someone broner is doing it, guerrero did it and beat berto

        • so let Canelo Alvarez come down to Floyds weight class why should Floyd have to move his weight class he is the best and will retire that way with a zero

    • Thank you so much for your true comments ppl want Floyd to lose a fight so bad they may push for a heavyweight fight, but Floyd would probably win that too, how about two against one that would be next.

  • Its amazing how bad ppl want this young million dollar man to lose… forget about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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