Terrell Owens’ Postal Worker Wife Says He Leaked Her Nudes Photos

Rachel Snider Nude Terrell Owens

This is getting silly now.

Owens was married to Postal Worker Rachel Snider for 3 days, but they are bickering like a couple that has been together like 10 years.

Snider confirms to TMZ Sports that the nudes floating around Twitter are her and she says it is Owens that leaked the photos to spite her. You can see below if you like.

Rachel Snider NUDE #1

Rachel Snider NUDE #2

Rachel Snider NUDE #3

The funny part is the Twitter account that leaked the photos, says T.O. showed the pics to Ocho.  That is funny to me for some reason.

Robert Littal

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6 thoughts on “Terrell Owens’ Postal Worker Wife Says He Leaked Her Nudes Photos

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      • Dude..How do you take offense to that? Im a grown black man and T.O. is a fucking dumbass. Lost all his money buying bullshit he doesn’t need and spreading his seed to gold digging hoe’s. Don’t be so insecure dude..its not like he was saying anything offensive bout black people.

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  • I don’t understand the why they got married in the first place but whenever anyone sends a nude selfie to that special person they might as well send it to everyone because sooner or later that’s where it’s going to end up.

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    What the hell was she thinking marrying TO? He’s a loser!

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