Rumors Spreading Lane Kiffin is a THOT; Slept With Saban’s Daughter (Photos)

Lane Kiffin Kristen Saban 2

Here is the thing about a rumor.

You just never know. Remember it was a rumor that OBJ was sleeping with Amber Rose, he denied it, but it ended up being true. You saw what happened with the Redskins’ GM wife rumor.

So, you can’t totally dismiss any of this, BUT a lot of it seems a bit far-fetched. The twitter streets are going wild though.

Kiffin is married, but that doesn’t matter in 2015, people are savages, assistant coaches aren’t immune to cheating.

He would have to be a pretty bold man to sleep with Saban’s daughter, like Narcos bold, but who knows.

If you want more pics of Saban’s daughter.

Kristen Saban Lane kiffin 4


Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline