Tamika Catchings on The Warriors: ‘They’re on Fire!’

tamika catchings

Tamika Catchings took some time to discuss the her community service work and of course, basketball.

During the off season, many athletes find themselves to be hitting the gym, spending time with family, or if you’re Tamika Catchings, you’re out giving back to the community. Catchings sat down with BSO to discuss the recent loss in the WNBA Finals, her retirement, her community service and of course, NBA’s hottest team: the Warriors.

  1. Have your team members and you moved on from this recent WNBA Finals?

Oh yeah. Yeah. Obviously it’s not the way that we wanted to end but it’s the same thing I told my team once it was over. Just kind of have to look at it over at how the season started to how it ended. I’m just so proud of my teammates. No matter you be proud and remember that you made it this far. A lot of people doubted us to even make it this far and nonetheless, make it Game 5. I literally think we just ran out of gas.

2. How are you preparing for next year?

I think for me, just all those things we have going on in the off season have us going. We talk about it a lot and we continue to give back to the community. It’s all about being a positive role model.

3) Do you still plan on retiring next year or have you given it other thoughts?

Oh no. I’m retiring next year. It’s funny because a lot of people say, ‘You sure?’ I talked about it two years ago and it would be different if I were halfway in and I were to be injured, lord prevent, but I’m just ready. I feel like I’ve done everything I could on the court. I’m going to go out this year and play as hard as I can. There are a lot of great things in the works. Next October, it’s really going to be, you know what? Talk to me then because maybe it’ll hit me then.

4) Tell us a little bit about your work with Allstate WBCA Good Works Team?

This is my fourth year and this is their fourth year as well. They’ve trusted me since the beginning to keep coming back to be apart of the team. I’m excited about it. This year we have the most nominations. We have 130 players from across the country that were announced as nominations. I’m excited to see it grow and these players are focused on giving back to the community. Literally every year, you see it grow. It’s cool as a player, where I’m at now, to see that these players are starting a lot younger and it’s not about wanting to win championships or games. It’s really about changing lives.

5) If you’ve been paying attention to the NBA so far, what do you think of the Warriors?

Oh yeah! They are on fire! It’s funny because Philly won yesterday (Tuesday, December 1 st) and there was a big bet going on. They are playing out of this world right now and it’s been fun to follow. And of course, after last year and to make it all the way to the Championship but then to have this start is great. I think the coolest thing about them is how they play like a team. Every individual on their team, coaching staff, no matter what, they’re so committed to each other which reminds me of my team (Indiana Fever).

The 2016 Allstate WBCA Good Works Team will take place in February.

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