Racist Cop Who Called NFL Players “Greasy Headed Moon Crickets” Likely Won’t Be Punished

A little bold there aren’t we officer?

The Verdigris Police Department in Oklahoma has quite a bit of damage control to do, after a police goes on social media and makes racist remarks.

Brandon Jarvis is the officer who has the Oklahoma police department scrambling for answers after an officer lashes out about the ongoing NFL Protests.

Jarvis launched a racially fueled attack on NFL protests via his Facebook. The officer’s page was public thus allowing everyone to see just how this officer of the law really felt.

The Verdigris Police Department now receiving countless complaints from the public on social media this past week that administrators had no choice but to remove the VPD Facebook page.

What started the controversy in the first place you ask? Well let me introduce part-time officer Brandon Jarvis. Jarvis’s comments on the social media site is the spark of the controversy and outrage.  The part-time officer took to social media to give his opinion on the NFL protests which to say the least back fired.

A message traced back to Jarvis Facebook profile read

 “Precisely why I don’t watch the NFL bunch of f**king overpaid greasy headed moon crickets expecting everything for nothing!! It would make my day to b***h slap the Jerry juice outta every one of em’s hair!!” [A ‘moon cricket’ ]

The department immediately deactivated the page but not before a overwhelming out cry for major consequences. Despite the public’s desire for immediate repremand, Verdigris Police Chief Jack Shackelford states that even though many have called for him to fire Jarvis, Shackelford says

 “I can’t arbitrarily fire someone because of social media pressure.” But while Shackelford maintains that the incident remains under investigation, he has also suggested that the department must take Jarvis’ word for it that his account was hacked. “We’ve got no evidence that it was or wasn’t … I don’t know that we’ve got the technology to determine whether it has been hacked or not,”

Shackelford is reported as stating.

With no clear statement as to what repercussions Jarvis could face, Shackelford does mention that suspension, termination or a summons could be in the near future. But one thing is for sure no form of punishment has been passed down, and there’s no word on when the matter will be resolved.

Flip the page to check out the Facebook post.

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  • What a coincidence. I call the founding fathers “ravegers.” Well actually there is no coincidence. My disparaging colloquialism is spot on whereas his is sophomoric. Like second grade!

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