Details on Where Eli Apple Stands With the Giants After Talk with GM

Last year was a turmoil season for the New York Giants.

Not just because of the injuries and their losing record, but the drama with Eli Manning being benched for the first time in his career (which caused Ben Macadoo his job), Odell Beckham Jr. caught on camera eatting pizza and who knows what else, and the beef between players.

The tension was obvious on the field when it came to safety Landon Collins and cornerback Eli Apple. Then it was erupted by NY media when Collins called Apple a ‘cancer’ in the Giants locker room.  The two have made peace since then but we cannot deny the fact that Apple had a sophomore slump.

NY Daily News spoke with Apple and he said last season was embarrassing, “nobody wants to go out the way I went out. It was all over the place.”

Lucky for him, the 22-year old is getting a chance to redeem himself. Per NY Daily News, Apple spoke with Giants general manager David Gettleman and he’s giving Apple a ‘clean slate’.

“I’m just going to fine tune everything, come in with a different attitude and just be positive out there on the field.

Just do everything that I can to make myself better as a player, and everybody else better as a team.”

With the NFC East being one of the most competitive divisions in the league, the Giants had to make some big moves if they’re planning to make it to the playoffs and so fans dont regret the fact that they wanted veteran Eli Manning to remain a starter and not to draft a quarterback at the second pick. Giants did make some big moves in free agency and the NFL draft to help both sides of the field.

Apple has to make sure he plays beyond expectations if he plans to remain a Giant with this new coaching staff and general manager, especially if next season doesn’t go as planned for the Giants.