Details On How Woman’s Boyfriend Who Stole $400k From Homeless Man’s GoFundMe Was Arrested, But Not For The Reason You Think

There are definitely some cruel people in this world and Mark D’Amico and his girlfriend Kate McClure out of New Jersey are one of them. They recently raised $400k for a homeless veteran but an investigation found that he was stealing that money with his girlfriend Kate McClure. D’Amico was arrested again on Monday for outside warrants while investigating the incident and was sent to Burlington County Jail, per Fox 29. The homeless man was Johnny Bobbitt.

D’Amico posted bail and is a free man as of now. The warrant was issued last week in Bordentown, New Jersey. Burlington County Prosecutors are saying the warrant is related to the GoFundMe scam but Florence Township police are ruling that it wasn’t.

Bobbitt is bringing on a lawsuit accusing D’Amico and McClure of stealing the money. The couple are now copping pleas and saying they haven’t committed any crimes.

Superior Court Judge Paula Dow is pausing the case until December in the aftermath of the warrants being issued. The couple’s attorney Ernest Badway said the two could be indicted by prosecutors and that he would not represent them in the civil case.

The GoFundMe incident just goes to show how hypocritical the fake patriotism is for a lot of people in America. Pretending that athletes kneeling are because they’re against vets and service men and women when it’s actually about racism and police brutality. You see here how they’re treating a homeless vet.

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