IG Artist Creates Mural of Conor Getting Punched in The Face by Khabib from UFC 229; See The Finished Product (IG-Pics)

Instagram user Lushsux was inspired by the UFC 229 fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. So much so that he decided to create a wall mural of Conor getting punched in the face.

Lushsux posted a picture of Conor getting punched with the caption “Wall?” to poll followers on whether he should create the mural. He later posted a photo of the mural in progress, asking his followers on whether he should finish the mural like Khabib finished off Conor in the fight.

Lushsux’s Instagram account is private but TerezOwens.com was able to obtain the IG posts of the photo that inspired the mural and the unfinished mural, while TwoEggz.com was able to obtain the finished Conor McGregor mural.

Flip the page to see the picture that inspired the mural.

Justin Aviles

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